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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Ready

Q: Do I need to fill out the entire organizer every year?

A: Yes. The organizer provides necessary information needed to complete your return. 

Q: Do I have to use the client portal?

A: If you can use the portal, it's faster and will save you money. It also provides you with convenient 24/7 access to your tax return and documents throughout the year. If sending documents is more convenient, please see below. Sending me sensitive information by email is not secure and not recommended. We can't take any responsibility for identity theft or other issues if your information is exposed in email you send.

Q: Do I need to use direct deposit for my refund?

A: We strongly encourage you to use direct deposit as it's the safest and fastest way to get your refund back to you, but it's not absolutely required. We ask for your bank information every year to be absolutely certain that nothing has changed so your refund isn't sent to a closed account.

Q: My license or ID expired.

A: Send us the front and back of your current license, even if it's expired. (If you don't have ANY license, send a state photo ID, if available, or some other government issued photo ID.)

Send Us Your Tax Documents

Q: Where can I send return documents?

A: We recommend using our secure online client portal. You can access the client portal here: TUCKER TAX PORTAL

Q: Do you have a drop box where I can leave my papers?

A: Yes, Our office has a drop box where you can leave your documents. Our address is listed here.

Q: Can I send my papers by FedEx, UPS, DHL, or other carrier?

A: Yes. You can find our address here.

Q: I can't easily make copies or scan my documents. Can I send originals? Is it safe?

A: Yes, you can send originals if you have to. In most cases your documents come to you by mail so mailing them to us is just as safe.  (Note that if you want any original documents returned, an additional fee will apply.)

Q: Should I insure my package or use a trackable service?

A: Insurance is not necessary. Using a delivery service that provides tracking may give you additional peace of mind as to knowing where your package is, but in most cases your documents are sent to you by regular mail.

Return Preparation Process

Q: Do I need to meet with you before sending you my documents?

A: Usually no -- it's easier if we review your documents first, so we have context. But if you have questions before we start, please email us.

Q: How can I pay my invoice?

A: We are able to accept a personal check or money order payable to Tucker Tax, Venmo (@shannon-daly-2), Zelle (, or a credit/debit card (with the 4% merchant fee).

Q: Where can I get a copy of my full length return?

A: A copy of your full length return will be uploaded to our secure portal after we receive notice that it has been accepted by both the IRS and any applicable states. We will mail a hard copy of a full length return to you for an additional fee.

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